Personal Bank Account Remotely at a Dominica Bank


We offer you to open a personal bank account in a bank in Dominica. The bank is a member of an international financial group and has strong connections in Europe. You can open an account remotely, and verification will be performed as quickly as possible.

Why do I need a personal foreign account?

How much money are you prepared to lose in any crisis? The assessment is always subjective, but clearly, you do not want to lose all your savings in one moment. How can this happen? For example, the economy of the country where you live will collapse or the authorities will decide to cut deposits. Or even simpler; inflation and hyperinflation “eat” your savings faster than a moth wool scarf.

Not to mention the existing distrust of local bankers, falling banks, and specific managers who like to run off into the sunset with a bag of cash withdrawn from your account.

It is impossible to provide 100% protection from such events, and that is why reasonable people diversify their risks; they open accounts in different banks and in different countries.

Personal bank account in a bank in Dominica

You can open a personal bank account remotely, without a personal visit. The account is opened with its own IBAN number.

Customer verification is performed by a modern banking verification system. To open an account, you will need to provide scanned copies of documents in high quality.

After verification, you will get access to a multi-currency account in dollars and euros. You can manage your account completely remotely via the Internet banking and mobile app.

Funds are transferred in EUR in SEPA, and all other currencies are transferred via SWIFT.

Payment cards for personal account users

The bank issues Visa and MasterCard debit cards. Cards are issued both virtual and physical. You can use them to pay for goods and services online and offline.

There is no monthly or annual fee for using the cards.

If you wish, you can order additional cards with a separate account.

A special feature is the issue of a card integrated with cryptocurrency exchanges. This will allow you to profitably buy and sell a cryptocurrency, use it for purchases in the real world.

Privileged access to the crypto exchange aggregator

Do you want to trade cryptocurrencies and do it on a large scale? The bank offers integration with the cryptocurrency exchange aggregator, which scans 30 + liquid exchanges and offers the purchase and sale of assets at the most favorable prices.

Online banking and mobile banking app in Dominica

We are talking about a modern developed bank that allows customers not only to open an account remotely but also to manage it remotely. You can use the online banking and mobile app to send funds, accept them, check your payment history, and fully control what is happening.

Expenses for opening a personal bank account in Dominica

The cost of support services for opening a bank account in Dominica-from 2999 EUR for individuals.

The bank also charges a fee for opening an account – 1500 EUR. This fee includes checking documents by the bank and directly activating the account.

IMPORTANT: if the bank refuses to open an account for some reason, it will refund the commission paid minus 100 euros (1400 EUR).

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