Profitable Business for Foreigners in Turkey in 2020


For every businessman, the issue of expanding the geographical horizons of business activity and entering the international market remains important. Also, there is always a dilemma of choice where to invest your money in Turkey or another European country in order to guarantee a stable level of income in a short period of time?

Turkey is one of the countries where the government is loyal to attracting foreign investment, taking care of favorable conditions for newcomers and established businessmen. Whether it is a start-up or a ready-made business project that has proven itself in another country, in Turkey this business will always find the support of local governments with minimal financial costs. In 2020, the Republic of Turkey is open to new ideas and foreign entrepreneurs, who are ready to start, continue and develop their business on favorable terms.

Business ideas for investment in Turkey in 2020

Business Turkey in 2020 is a huge “investment field”, where there is always a place for newcomers and entrepreneurs with long experience. It doesn’t matter what your company’s starting capital is. What matters is where the investment is directed, and what the entrepreneur’s goal is – to conquer local horizons, establish international relations, or have a profit for a quiet life without the pretense of a Grand income.

Among the current startups in Turkey in 2020, there are several areas that have become particularly popular over the past 10 years. Despite the geopolitical unrest, the Turkish state is equally loyal to all guests of its country and offers profitable investment programs in exchange for citizenship, additional income and business promotion on the world stage.

Tourist business in Turkey

The tourist jurisdiction has always been attractive for tourists from different parts of the world. For example, Cyprus, where tourists are happy with the same Mediterranean sea, offers a resort holiday at a much higher price than hotels in Turkey. A particularly large influx of tourists is observed from the cross border territories of the CIS countries, Ukraine, Russia.

Any entrepreneur, including a foreign national, can open a hotel business in Turkey in 2020. For example, you can do this with a franchise or by purchasing a boutique hotel in Antalya with ready-made rooms and a full set of documents. The geographical location of the country, its developed infrastructure and the year-round influx of tourists-all this makes it possible to register a hotel business in Turkey with a quick payback and relatively low initial investment.

Restaurant business in Turkey

Also, together with the hotel business in Turkey, you can open a restaurant that will become a source of additional income and a place to relax not only your hotel guests but also other citizens of the country. Such a startup can be launched in one of the following ways; buy a ready-made restaurant/cafe in Turkey or start from scratch.

Investments in Turkish agriculture and food

Another popular business idea for Turkish investors aiming for a long and productive business sector is agriculture and the production of food groups of products. Experts believe that the best option for this industry is growing and selling products that are popular among expats. In the case of agricultural activities aimed at exporting products, you can expand your horizons by choosing the niche that is most understandable to the investor, as a project manager, and is always in demand from foreign partners.

Do not forget that Turkey is rich in heat and sun, which allows you to grow trees such as eucalyptus. The oil of this amazing plant is always in demand in pharmaceuticals and cosmetology, and the owner of an evergreen garden can only find sales points.

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