Promising countries for emigration


In this article, you will learn about which countries are the most promising for immigration. Where you can easily buy real estate, and where real estate can make good money. And also, where medical care is at a high level.

For many people, the opportunity to emigrate to a particular country is interesting. This is due to different reasons, but the same is the information of interest to possible immigrants. In particular, it is the weather conditions of a country, the conditions for obtaining a residence permit and the level of the residence. We will tell you about the most promising European countries for emigration.

Among such countries, Germany is almost invariably in the first position, the standard of living in which is considered the highest in the world (if you do not take into account Switzerland), and the level of security occupies the highest positions. In addition, this country is famous for its stable economy, reliable real estate market and interesting prospects of the real estate market.

In particular, housing is becoming more expensive in this country annually, by about 1%, and the General characteristics of the real estate market in the past year increased by slightly more than 7%. These factors indicate liquidity and the possibility of real estate resale in Germany.

The number of such countries is Spain. If you are interested in this country you can see real estate ads in Spain.

No less promising for emigration is France, in which, however, real estate, in particular, apartments, costs 2 times more than in Germany.

If a square meter of the German apartment the buyer gives about 2.5 thousand euros, for a square meter of French residential real estate about 4.5 thousand euros. However, in both countries to obtain a residence permit you will only need to purchase your own business.

In addition, France is a country with a fairly high standard of living and a high level of health care. Economic characteristics allow France to always occupy the highest positions among the EU countries. France is quite a diverse country. There are magnificent resorts and cities with wonderful architecture, and much more.

The next promising country is Turkey, which, in terms of purchasing real estate, is much cheaper than the above countries. The square meter is estimated at about 1.5 thousand euros, and to obtain a residence permit requires the purchase of the real estate. Turkey is partly an European country, but Istanbul is almost entirely an European city.

In addition, this country has high-quality resorts, and, according to many experts, this country has a huge economic potential, which will further ensure the development of not only the tourist infrastructure but the whole country as a whole. Together with affordable real estate, excellent weather conditions, and rich culture, this country is quite promising.

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