Registration of a company in France


One visit to France is enough for yesterday’s tourist to start applying for a residence permit today and become eager to permanently stay in this amazing country. In the eyes of foreign investors and businessmen, the French jurisdiction remains a strong country with a stable economy, high social security of citizens and an incredibly pleasant Mediterranean climate.

However, we would like to pay special attention to the local mentality. Some important nuances that are unique to the French jurisdiction, as well as consider why now is the time to register a company in France and start a profitable business here. Our lawyers, who are familiar with the procedure of registering companies in France and the nuances of the tax system, will help you with the documentation.

Register a company in France

There is an opinion among foreign businessmen that doing business in France is quite a costly and time-consuming process, based on the obligations and regulations prescribed in the legislation. In practice, everything looks different, and the current government is constantly improving the business climate in the country. Do not forget that the French economy, according to World Bank research, is ranked 7th in the world, which indicates a stable development of the country.

When deciding to register a company in France, you should take into account important aspects of the jurisdiction. Among them:

  • The dominance of state ownership in certain sectors of the economy.
  • The tax system, which at first glance seems confusing, allows you to choose a special preferential treatment for a new company.
  • There are territorial and special fees depending on the location of your business.
  • The principle of social orientation is the main priority in the government’s work.
  • In the 2018-2019, temporary jobs decreased in France, but the number of permanent jobs increased.
  • France encourages investment in science and research.

Registration of a company in France is definitely a profitable event since the activity here gives access to the vast market of the European Union. The movement of products/goods/services between countries-participants of EU allows avoiding customs duties, which significantly reduces administrative and other expenses for the maintenance of your business.

Company registration in France-advanced industries in a European country

Expert opinion is that the most profitable activity in French jurisdiction is the production of goods. And here France wins in the following points:

  • The “Made in France” label automatically notifies the buyer of the highest quality of products.
  • The presence of numerous production centers makes it easy to find partners and investors.
  • The state has quite strong and stable schemes for financing projects for the production of goods.
  • A technical visa is a concept that applies to a wide range of technologies and Sciences.

It should be clarified here that in recent years, registering a company in France to work in its sector has become popular. In fact, the government’s reforms are aimed at creating the strongest technological center in Europe, which will be based on French capabilities and capacities. And given the economic turmoil in many other countries, creating a business in France requires strong asset protection and unambiguous stability of the company, meeting the growing needs of your enterprise.

In contrast to Germany, where the basis to this day is family-owned enterprises (Mittelstand) that produce components and components for large corporations, France has already become the center of many global giants, including in the aircraft, automotive, and technology sectors (for example, Atos, Ubisoft, and Orange).

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