Remote Registration and Company Management in Armenia


Registration of a company in Armenia does not require the personal presence of the owner in the Armenian jurisdiction, this is the most important advantage for foreigners who need to open and manage a business remotely. However, the company’s registration in Armenia provides for a minimum authorized capital of 1 EUR, according to the legislation, no actual presence (substance) is required. Our specialists conduct the company registration procedure in Armenia remotely on the basis of a signed power of attorney.

The presence of a large number of applications and programs allows you to remotely manage a created or relocated business, and a nominee Director service is available to maintain confidentiality.

Registering a company in Armenia

In the decision to open and develop business in the Armenian jurisdiction, foreign investors and businessmen have given a key privilege in the developing economy of the South Caucasus state. The government of the Republic is making every effort to restore and strengthen Armenia’s position on the world level, and is implementing reforms (including in tax legislation), which leads to world recognition and its own position on the European map of economically strong States.

As you can see, registering a company in Armenia does not require a personal visit to the country. Our lawyers will also help you choose the optimal tax regime, taking into account the activities, structure, and scale of your business, which will reduce the tax burden as much as possible. However, there are no special requirements for a legal address in Armenia. Any home address in the Armenian jurisdiction where correspondence will be sent can serve as such. If you don’t have an Armenian address, our specialists have solutions.

How to manage a business without visiting the country?

First of all, we will note the increase in efficiency of almost any type of business when transferring from offline to online. In the era of digitization, almost every customer wants to find detailed information about the products of a particular company on the web; this will allow you to get acquainted with both the range and reviews, to understand the seriousness and scale of the business. If previously online did not assume a real presence of the company, today both types of business are successfully combined. For example, you can register a company in Armenia for the production of wine or growing organic fruits with the placement of production facilities on the Armenian territory, and attract customers and make sales through an online store or representative office.

For most foreign investors and businessmen, this approach is a completed stage with an assessment of all the risks and benefits. If you are one of those people who are just getting acquainted with the advantages of e-Commerce, it’s time to become an unconditional participant.

Speaking about the company’s registration in Armenia, it is worth noting the possibility of remote management of assets and production (if any), as well as personnel. In this case, the ideal option would be a nominee Director-and a trusted person who will not only preserve the confidentiality of the final beneficiary but also take on management and administrative tasks.

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