Residence Permit in France


How to obtain a residence permit and carry out the procedure of family reunification in France, you will learn from this article.

A work permit entitles you to a residence permit. All these documents must be received prior to arrival in France. This means that a person who came to France on a tourist visa and found a job must return to the country of residence and only then apply for a work permit. This strict procedure does not apply to high-level managers, students, domestic workers (au-pair) and agricultural workers.

In addition to the above grounds, a temporary residence permit may be issued on the basis of family ties, length of stay or health status (carte de séjour temporaire vie privée et familiale), as well as on humanitarian grounds. A temporary residence permit is issued if a person:

Is the spouse or minor child of a migrant who lives legally or is a French citizen.

  • Lives in France with 10 years or a certain period of time (10-15 years).
  • located in France for the purpose of scientific work.
  • I cannot leave France for health reasons or family reasons.
  • A temporary residence permit issued on one of these grounds automatically gives a person the right to employment and is valid for 1 year.

Foreigners who have a temporary residence permit on the basis of personal or family circumstances and can prove that they have lived under this permit for more than 5 years are entitled to a long-term residence permit. A long-term residence permit is also granted to relatives for family reunification (husband/wife or children of a foreigner residing in France for a long time) or to the parents of a French citizen who is a foreign citizen. In addition, citizens of non-EEA countries who have lived under a temporary permit for more than ten years are entitled to a long-term permit (the period of study is not counted in this period). Citizens of countries outside the EEA who have received a long-term residence permit have an unlimited right to employment for 10 years with the possibility of extending this period.

Family reunification

The law clearly defines the duties of immigrants who intend to live and work in France. In order to obtain a permanent residence permit, citizens of non-EEA countries must prove that they are well integrated in France. Immigrants must sign a “contract of admission and integration” and take French language and citizenship courses.

According to the new rules, an immigrant can invite family members (spouse and children under 18 years) to France only after 18 months. The government had taken certain measures to ensure that immigrants respected the values of French society. This is done to facilitate the integration of immigrants into society. Family members of an immigrant or a French citizen who do not respect such basic principles as the recognition of secular state power, monogamy or equality of men and women cannot live and work in France.

The law requires migrant workers to be able to support themselves and their families so that their members do not have to receive social assistance. Their income must be at least at the level of the minimum wage-SMIC (Salaire MinimumInterprofessionnel de Croissance). The migrant worker must also provide the family with housing that is considered acceptable to a French family with the same number of members. Family members must not pose a threat to public order and must agree to a medical examination prior to arrival in France.

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