Residence permit in Portugal for pensioners


Many people after their retirement prefer to spend the rest of their lives outside the country where they lived all the time. And often pensioners choose Portugal as their new home. How to get a residence permit in Portugal for pensioners? Learn about it further, in our article!

Conditions how to get a residence permit in Portugal for pensioners

According to the current migration laws of Portugal, pensioners can apply for a residence permit if they adhere to 3 basic rules.

There need able to buy real estate. It is worth noting that among all 3 parameters, this one is the determining one. It is understandable because the country does not need foreign citizens of older age, who will be in the group of social risk due to the lack of their roof over their heads. As for the minimum cost of housing, for the provincial cities of Portugal, you can buy real estate worth about 50 thousand euros. But in more developed and large cities to find a cheaper option 50 thousand euros is unlikely to succeed.

Income received by a pensioner from abroad. This may be a pension, renting an apartment at hometown, income from a business that remained in the territory of the hometown, as well as other types of profit. But the main thing that it came from the outside, that is, the cash flow. The minimum amount of income should be from 500 euros per month. If a pensioner applying for a residence permit, plan to live in Portugal and his family members, for each person the required minimum is increased by +250 euros. That is, for two people the minimum income should be 750 euros per month.

Stay in Portugal at least 183 days a year. That is, at least half a year you have to be in the territory of this country, so as not to lose the status of a residence permit. More is possible, less is not.

What means Portugal for pensioners?

This bright sun, beautiful mild climate, beautiful classical architecture, quiet and measured life, as well as fresh and quality products. Are you (or maybe your parents) worthy of it? Is it real for you?

In this case, we recommend to assess their capabilities, both for the purchase of real estate in Portugal, and the ability to receive from 500 euros of income per month. And if all this is real for you, welcome to Portugal!

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