Residence permit in Sweden


In this article, we have tried to fully consider the issue of residence permits in Sweden. How to get a residence permit in Sweden, who can apply for this status, as well as the features of its design.

Among the many European powers, Sweden has great prospects. For all the waves of global economic crises, this state has demonstrated amazing resilience, the direction of its government to maintain the former standard of living of the population, to improve it and not to resort to “unpopular reforms”. That is why Sweden is called his “Golden dream” thousands of citizens around the world who have plans to move here for permanent residence.

How to obtain a residence permit in Sweden?

In the Swedish Kingdom, there are several reasons in connection with which a foreign citizen can apply for a residence permit:

  1. A pre-concluded employment contract with a Swedish company is the basis for obtaining a temporary residence permit.
  2. You can get a residence permit and the program of reunification with relatives. But, it should be understood that in this provision we are talking about the closest relatives (parents, children, spouses).
  3. The traditional way of obtaining citizenship is marriage with a citizen (citizen) of Sweden also gives the right to obtain a residence permit in this country.
  4. Business immigration as registration of a company in Sweden, as well as registration of you as an entrepreneur, gives you the right to obtain a temporary residence permit.

Features of obtaining a residence permit in Sweden

Registration of residence permits in Sweden has many nuances that are not typical for other European countries. In particular, they are as follows:

  • Terms of consideration of the application for a residence permit can vary greatly, depending on the grounds for migration. For example, the consideration of your case in the migration service can last a month, three, or even six months!
  • To obtain a residence permit (at the Consulate of Sweden, located in your country) is mandatory to pass an interview.
  • The validity of the residence permit issued in Sweden does not exceed 1 year. In most cases, the document provides the right to stay for 6 months, with the possibility of further extension of its validity.
  • Visa and residence permit in Sweden, it is actually the same document, which is issued in the form of a small plastic card.

We should also add that the easiest way to get a residence permit in Sweden, is a program of reunification of relatives. But, of course, this option is only suitable for units!

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