The best tax haven in the world Seychelles


Seychelles has long been considered one of the most popular tax havens in the world. Seychelles companies are considered as cheap offshore companies.

Seychelles companies are considered profitable due to the absence of capital gains tax, gift tax, property tax. In Seychelles, there is my favorite territorial system of taxation. When a country has a territorial tax system, it means that all income received abroad is exempt from taxes. In some countries, foreign income is not taxed unless it is shipped to the country. But as soon as Your foreign income received abroad is transferred to a local bank, it is subject to taxation. Plus territorial taxation is that you can live in Seychelles and have an international online business. And even if you transfer all your earned money to Seychelles, Your foreign earnings will not be taxed. And such conditions exist in all countries where taxation is practiced on a territorial basis.

Seychelles companies do not fall under the EU Directive on taxes on savings.

You remember that taxation in Seychelles is conducted on a territorial basis and offshore companies in Seychelles do not pay any taxes. But local companies pay import tax, VAT and business taxes. Business taxes apply to local self-employed persons, sole proprietors, and partnerships. Business taxes relate to rental income from real estate that is located in Seychelles. Business taxes are quite high and can reach up to 33%, but if the property is owned by a Seychelles offshore company, but is located outside Seychelles, then you have nothing to worry about.

If you settle in Seychelles, all your income earned abroad will not be taxed. Therefore, registering yourself as a tax resident of Seychelles can be beneficial for any Internet business owner.

However, if you are serious about moving to Seychelles, you need to know about two relatively recent innovations. In 2010, Seychelles introduced a personal income tax. The tax was reintroduced 20 years after it was last abolished. By the way, from the first of January 2011 the personal income tax rate is 15%. Therefore, if you want to move to Seychelles for tax planning, be sure to consult.

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