Top 3 Canadian universities


Education in Canadian universities for foreigners will provide an opportunity not only to obtain high-quality knowledge and a prestigious world-class diploma but also to enjoy the splendor of the local nature, diversity of culture and many attractions.

A huge number of rivers, lakes, mountains, national parks, modern cities, and architectural structures, all this attracts millions of tourists and tens of thousands of students from all over the world. Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec are considered to be the most popular provinces for training foreigners in Canada.

Higher education and universities in Canada are famous for their ancient traditions, and research and development are valued all over the world. The country has two official languages; English and French, an extensive list of scholarships and grants for students from abroad, and the cost of studying are lower in comparison with universities in the US or UK.

Studying at local universities is a good way to immigrate to Canada for the long term. A country with a high standard of living, a developed market economy and a social security system. The diploma will greatly facilitate further search for work or opening a business in Canada, will contribute to the registration of permanent resident status, and then Canadian citizenship.

1. University of Toronto

The largest research center in Canada and one of the most famous in North America in General, the University of Toronto is located in Toronto (Ontario). Date of Foundation of the University is 1827. By the number of cited scientific articles, the University surpasses the majority of educational institutions of the world. According to QS World University RankingsĀ® 2019, the university is ranked 28th. It offers quality education in various fields from medicine to the Humanities.

The University has many attractions, including ancient architectural and modern sports facilities. The University has 3 campuses, 12 colleges, and 44 libraries. More than 700 programs are offered for training. The number of students is 86.7 thousand people, and the educational process provides about 20.7 thousand teachers and staff. International students represent more than 165 countries. The average cost of studying at the University of Toronto for foreigners is about 49.8 thousand Canadian dollars per year.

2. McGill University

Pride of higher education Canada McGill University is located in the beautiful city of Montreal (Quebec). Date of Foundation of the University is 1821. The oldest and most popular University in the country. Enjoys authority not only in Canada but also throughout the North American continent. QS World University RankingsĀ® 2019 is ranked 33rd in the QS World ranking, which is the second indicator among all Canadian higher education institutions.

The University consists of 10 faculties and 12 professional schools, which offer more than 300 training programs. For training specialists in the field of medicine, the educational institution occupies a confident first place in the country for 12 years in a row. The University has about 40 thousand students, of which more than 25% are foreigners from 150 countries. Graduates of the University received 12 Nobel prizes, which is another record. Tuition at McGill University for foreigners is 22.1 thousand Canadian dollars per year.

3. The University of British Columbia

The University is located in the third largest city in Canada – Vancouver. The University was founded in 1908. QS World University RankingsĀ® 2019 is ranked 47th. One of the most famous and prestigious educational institutions in the country. The two main campuses of the University of British Columbia have over 61.1 thousand students, including 13.2 thousand foreigners from 155 countries.

The educational process is provided by 14.1 thousand teachers and employees. Among the famous graduates of the University, there are 3 Prime Ministers and 65 Olympic winners. The University actively cooperates with public and government organizations around the world, in particular, signed more than 1112 research agreements. Special attention is paid to the medical direction. The cost of studying at the University of British Columbia for foreigners varies from 34.5 to 49 thousand Canadian dollars per year.

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