Trends in the real estate market in Italy


Many people are interested in buying a home in Italy. In this article, you will learn why buying property in Italy becomes profitable. Does buying a property in Italy offer a residence permit?

In the last few years, interest in various real estate in Italy is growing every day. The main reason for the increase in demand is the very mild climate of the country, which gives a good opportunity to owners of certain real estate to relax in this country almost all year round. Also here you can lead a measured way of life, as well as the people of the country are very positive about life. Italy has a very rich history, as well as a large number of different attractions, monuments of architecture, culture, history, which for a long time very carefully stored, as well as creates a beautiful environment, which is filled with the atmosphere of cultural life.

With Italy, housing prices are more affordable than in other European countries, especially Switzerland or Germany. But, still, they are slightly higher than, for example, in the modern Czech Republic and Bulgaria.

Today, to invest in real estate, which is located in Italy is very profitable. Just a big plus is that the investment of their investments is very reliable, as well as very prestigious today to have any Italian property, according to most experts over the past year, the prices of any housing in Italy increased by about 80 percent, and in the future, they will only grow. Today, the real estate base in Italy is very large. But when buying real estate in Italy, the buyer may face various difficulties.

For example, there is a rather complex special procedure for registration of certain housing in the property. Also in the country are very high taxes that need to be paid to the owners of real estate. The procedure for obtaining a residence permit is very complicated and time-consuming. Unfortunately, the purchase of any property in modern Italy, as in most modern European countries, does not give any right to obtain a special residence permit, so the period of stay in this country is limited.

Once the property is fully decorated, the property is free to get a special reusable visa, which allows the owner to be in the country from 90 to 179 days a year, this will help any real estate Agency in your city. But if the owner has his own business in modern Italy, he has every right to apply for a unique residence permit in this country. A real estate agent in your city will help you to buy a property in Italy.

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