Unknown Facts about the United Arab Emirates


In this article, you will surely be interested to read interesting facts about the UAE.

Today we will talk about one of the richest countries in the world the United Arab Emirates. This country offers its citizens generous assistance in different life situations.

For example, if a citizen of the United Arab Emirates decided to marry, then the state allocates 20,000 dollars for the wedding. And if a son is born, the happy family receives $ 50,000 from the state. The state also pays for the child’s education. If, for example, an Arab child wants to study at the most prestigious University in New York, the Arab Emirates will quickly and easily pay for this training.

Interesting facts about the UAE

  1. There is virtually no crime in the country. They don’t even lock the cars in here. Simply, no one steals, because in the Arab Emirates there even the petty thieves pickpockets. There are so large salaries and social assistance from the state that there are no poor citizens. And if someone has committed a crime, in this country will not pay off and will have to answer to the fullest extent of the law.
  2. As a ransom, a man should give the bride at least 5 kilograms of gold, but the choice of the bride depends on the parents. Therefore, the poor guy has to agree with the taste of his parents. As mentioned above, the wedding is paid by the state.
  3. Polygamy is allowed in the country, but it is very expensive and not many people go for it.

What is prohibited in the United Arab Emirates?

  • On 1 place, of course, drugs. For the distribution of illegal drugs will be put in prison for at least 10 years. But if the drug addict is ready to be treated, the clinic will be paid by the state.
  • It is not strange in the United Arab Emirates banned all social networks, as well as forbidden to write in the press about the life of the sheiks.
  • Also in the country, you can not take pictures of women, it is forbidden to drink alcohol and carry it.
  • In Muslim countries, it is forbidden to dance in the street and public places. You can only on the territory of his house.

Pleasant moments of life in the UAE

Salaries of civil servants are not less than $ 10,000. Of course, this salary is only for the citizens of the country. For example, foreign migrants for working with a shovel in hand, by local standards, get a penny. But still, money is much more than they get at home. For example, in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, the Philippines, because it is from these countries that cheap labor goes to the Emirates.

An interesting fact is that in the United Arab Emirates wages are higher than in the United States and other developed countries. So, take the minimum wage in the US. In California, that’s about $ 10 an hour, multiplied by 8 working hours a day. In California on any simple work, for example, the watchman or the librarian, you will be able to receive not less than 80 dollars a day. This is the minimum wage of a simple worker per working day.

People with experience in their field, for example, programmers, doctors, lawyers, managers receive $ 25 and $ 70 per hour. In the UAE, such salaries are at least 1.5 times higher.

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