Ways to immigrate to Hungary


Immigration to EU countries causes many problems for those who want to change their lives. Many bureaucratic subtleties and laws sometimes put an end to the desire to go to another country. However, there are exceptions everywhere. In the European Union, there are several countries, moving to which is quite simple. Hungary is one of those States.

As for Hungary, this country, though not the richest and most developed in the EU, but its beauty, a fairly high standard of living, good social security and low level of crime attracts many people from other parts of Europe.

One of the most popular types of immigration to Hungary is obtaining a residence permit through the purchase of the real estate. Hungary is one of those countries that do not set the minimum cost of real estate for a residence permit. In other words, apply for a residence permit can be a person who bought any property for any money. Now, however, with this method of immigration is already having difficulties, as a large number of foreigners who moved to Hungary is due to the purchase of the real estate, increased its prices. A simple purchase of real estate gives a person a special visa, which gives the right, not to continuous stay in the EU for a period of 90 days. Then you will need to cross the border and come back again. For those who want to buy a property for the purpose of obtaining a residence permit, you will also need to collect a package of separate documents for another visa (category D).

Another guaranteed way to obtain permanent residence is an investment. Paying 300 thousand euros to the Treasury of Hungary, a family or one person in a month will receive the status of a resident of this state. After 5 years, these investments will be returned back. Six months later, you can already ask for permanent residence.

Registering your company is also a common way to immigrate to Hungary. The business here is very free, and opening a business in Hungary is one of the easiest in Europe. To register your company, you need to prove to the authorities that it will be profitable and promising. Start-up capital should not be less than 2 thousand euros. After the registration of the company and a certain probationary period, the entrepreneur is given a temporary residence permit, which can be changed to a permanent one in 3 years.

Immigration to Hungary is one of the easiest in comparison with other developed countries of the world. Even if a person does not want to live in Hungary, obtaining a residence permit in this country gives such people unconditional benefits to the right to work and live in any EU country.

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