What’s the difference between residence permit and a permanent residence?


Residence permit and permanent residence are 2 status that a foreign citizen can get in any country for a long stay, as well as on the way to citizenship. Do you know what is different from the permanent residence permit? If you want to know more about it we recommend reading this article!

Many people do not fully understand what both of these statuses mean. Accordingly, for the same reason, there is ignorance of the difference between a residence permit and permanent residence. Let’s deal with the main nuances of this issue!

Residence permit and visa

Often a visa and residence permit is taken for the same thing. Indeed, in some countries, it is so, but in most powers of the world, after all, a visa is a visa, and a residence permit is a residence permit.

A visa is a permit for entry and short-term stay in the country, although a work or student visa can provide long-term residence in the territory of the state.

The residence permit is a document of a completely different format:

  • First, it is the identity card of the foreign national in the country of residence to which it was issued.
  • Secondly, it ensures a longer stay in the country with the possibility of crossing its border.
  • Third, the residence permit gives you the opportunity to purchase real estate, work, do business in the country where it was issued.

Residence permit and permanent residence: What is the difference?

If a residence permit has a number of advantages over a visa, the permanent residence has several important features before a residence permit. So what is the difference between permanent residence permit?

The fact that the residence permit (temporary residence permit), though, and provides the right of long-term residence in the country, but still, sooner or later it expires. But permanent residence is the status of a long-term or even permanent action. It’s like citizenship, but without the right to vote and without the possibility of employment in government agencies.

How to obtain citizenship in most countries of the world?

Although the people and accepted to say “left for permanent residence”, in fact, under this expression means the following:

  1. Moving to the country and registration of residence permit status.
  2. Residence permit for a specified period (extension of status, if necessary).
  3. On the basis of the existing residence permit is made permanent.
  4. After a set length of stay for permanent residence shall be submitted a petition to grant citizenship.
  5. Obtaining internal passports in your new country of residence.

Knowing the difference between permanent residence and residence permit, you can easily determine what kind of status in a foreign country you need!

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