Where is better to immigrate with the kids?


Departure for permanent residence with children is significantly different from the usual move to another country of adults. The thing is that there are additional difficulties associated with the registration of documents of the child to travel, and with its adaptation in another country. All the necessary information in this regard, you will learn in this article!

If you plan to immigrate with children, you should take into account much more features of the states you are interested in and identify the most suitable option for life. In General, given this situation, we recommend considering the following criteria for choosing a country for permanent residence:

  1. Security: You and your family should be safe in your new country of residence. Therefore, we recommend choosing the state with the lowest percentage of crime.
  2. Political, social and economic atmosphere: Life in the country should, if not develop, then at least have stability. If the state will be political, economic and social upheaval, it can significantly affect the quality of life of your family.
  3. Quality of educational institutions: It is important to understand in what school and in what Institute your child will learn in the future. The quality of education depends on how intellectually developed and successful your child will be in life.
  4. Quality of care: Children are children, so the quality of health services should also be considered a priority.
  5. Climate: It is not desirable to move to the country whose climate is radically different from the original, where the child was born and where he lived for a certain period. Sudden changes in climatic conditions can provoke the emergence of quite serious diseases.

Specifics of adaptation in the new country of residence

When moving to a new country should take into account the so-called adaptation factor. The younger the child, the easier it will be to adapt to new living conditions, to a new environment and culture. On average, it takes about 3 weeks for a child between the ages of 5 and 8 to fully adapt to a new country. Adults need a much longer period.

The culture of the country itself plays an important role in adaptation. If, for example, you move from Ukraine or Russia to Poland, Lithuania or another country where a large percentage of the Slavic population lives, the process of adaptation will be easier, due to the similarity of living conditions in these countries. But, when moving, for example, to France, USA or Japan, it will be much more difficult, as the culture of these countries is radically different, and the language barrier also has its influence.

Recommended countries to immigrate with children

Immigrants from the CIS countries, whose families have children, the best options for immigration are:

  • Poland
  • Czechia
  • Lithuania
  • Austria
  • Holland

These countries according to the presented selection criteria are optimal for permanent residence. In addition, to immigrate to them is much easier than in same Germany, France or the United States. But, in any case, the question; where better to immigrate with children, should be considered based on the individual circumstances prevailing in your family!

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