Why do business owners abroad invest in real estate?


Diversification and investment in residential real estate can be useful for business development. Have you ever thought about creating a personal real estate portfolio while you are running a company? Even if you are too busy managing your day-to-day responsibilities, you should not lose sight of the possibility of investing in residential or commercial properties. After all, sometimes an additional revenue stream can help stimulate business growth.

Real estate investments provide cash flow, improve tax returns, and can be borrowed if necessary. Entrepreneurs and owners of large corporations are known for putting their earned money back into the development of their business. And this investment is quite understandable.

Define your goals

An entrepreneur who is ready to start investing in real estate should first define their personal financial goals. Financial goals are goals that you set before investing in a particular industry.

And if you know what you are going to do with investments, you will not have any special doubts about making investments in a business or a certain area.

As an entrepreneur, you should not hesitate to spend time trying to understand your goals and make sure that each transaction is a step in the direction of success. In addition, you always have the opportunity to use the service of a financial adviser who will help you achieve your specific financial goals.

Consider your personal time

Business abroad takes a lot of time. Therefore, we recommend that you immediately contact a professional for help. When you do not have enough experience in real estate, it is better to start working with an experienced specialist right away. As soon as you get professional support, you can be sure that the transaction and the choice of the desired object will be made individually based on your personal wishes.

Take advantage of all the advantages

Let’s say you decide to permanently reside in the purchased property while the owner of the home, you will be exempt from capital gains tax on the sale. For example, in Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, and Hong Kong, there is no capital gains tax. And if you use the object as the owner of the company, you can get even more benefits for tax refunds.

However, simply choosing a jurisdiction with zero capital gains tax is not enough for a profitable investment. We recommend that you take a more global look at this issue and consider investing in real estate through citizenship programs.

For example, one of our clients, an entrepreneur from Europe, received the citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda for investment. Thus, he became the owner of one of the most powerful second passports in the world and forever solved his problem in endless business visa applications, gaining access to 140+ countries.

And it is better to perform such processes in the company of specialists. That is, a financial consultant is able to give an objective assessment of the future investment, choose the jurisdiction, and calculate all tax rates and additional fees that will be associated with the purchase of real estate abroad.

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