Why is it profitable to open a business in Dubai in 2020?


Opening a business in Dubai in 2020 is one of the most correct decisions that a novice or current businessman can make. Why do you ask? Because Dubai is one of the most popular business destinations in the world. Thousands of large investors, political stability and a diverse economy throughout the Middle East speak to the reliability of business here.

Reasons why Dubai is a good place to do business

Many companies around the world have started to establish their presence in Dubai and have opened branches here. There are various reasons why investors are willing to invest in a business in Dubai.

Political and economic conditions

The government of Dubai annually improves the political and economic conditions for business development, thus attracting even more investment to the country. The growth of the economy from all sides provides the best in infrastructure, places of residence, education, health, and recreation. Since Dubai is considered a friendly place for businessmen, it is not difficult to start a business from scratch here. A high level of security makes it one of the favorite places for investment because the security of business and invested funds is an important argument for an entrepreneur.

Excellent infrastructure

The Emirates has a well-developed infrastructure with a good public transport system, which makes it possible to get to any point of the city in a matter of time. There is also an international airport and seaport, which provides connections to all countries of the world, and allows you to engage in all types of international trade.

Availability of free trade zones

Free zones are areas where expats can invest in businesses without entering into a partnership with an Emirate sponsor. For an investor, this means complete freedom of doing business, the ability to use various services provided by the free trade zone.

Availability of seats with international standards

If your business involves regular business conferences, then Dubai is a great place for this purpose. Fascinating conference rooms will help your partners make a decision in the direction of cooperation with you.

High living standard

In the United Arab Emirates, it is determined not only by the income of residents but also by the rapid development of all spheres; education, medicine, economy, security, etc.in Dubai, you can not only conduct business but also spend leisure time with your family in various entertainment centers and on the ocean. If you want to ensure a decent future for yourself and your children, then this is the place for you.

Permanent residence permit for foreigners

By investing in a business in Dubai, you can obtain a residence permit in the UAE and carry out all activities in the country as its resident. Also, your family has the full right to obtain a residence permit and permanent residence in the UAE.

Before starting a business in Dubai, you should decide on its type of activity. It is important to know that a business can be professional, commercial, or industrial. And the type of license you get directly depends on it.

Once you have decided on the type of business, you need to choose a property. If you get a license in one of the free trade zones of Dubai, then you are 100% owner of your business. If you are outside of it, you need a local partner (it can be an individual or a company).

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