Work in Greece without knowledge of the language


In this article, we will talk about whether it is possible to find a job in Greece without knowing the language! And if so, at what level of wages can be expected, and in general, what kind of work will it be? Find out all the necessary details below.

Is it possible to find a job in Greece without knowing foreign languages?

Let’s start with the fact that you can find a job abroad, without knowing foreign languages, absolutely in any country! Another question is what it will be for the work, and how much you can get for it! In reference directly to Greece, it is worth noting that this country is a tourist, that is, the main business, and therefore jobs are represented in this area. But foreigners from all over the world, to work in tourism necessarily need knowledge at least, in English so that you can communicate with tourists.

Not knowing a foreign language means to lose a large range of jobs that you could approach!

Who can work in Greece without knowing the language?

If your knowledge of Greek or at least English is close to zero, do not despair, but rather look for the vacancy where knowledge of a foreign language is not necessary. Fortunately, in Greece there are enough:

  • Construction work
  • Working on the harvest or on farm
  • Drivers
  • Housemaids

As for the level of wages, for such work in Greece, you can get from 600 to 800 euros per month! But here, as a rule, the employee is provided with housing, sometimes food from the employer, that is, you expect a minimum of pocket expenses!

Job options that require employees who speak a foreign language, of course, guarantee a higher salary! However, the requirements are also much higher!

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