Work in Poland for women


Many Polish companies are happy to offer women long-term or short-term employment contracts! What is the job options in Poland for women, and what are the main features of current vacancies?

First, I would like to clarify one interesting fact! As soon as Poland became a member of the EU, the local population went to work in more developed European countries, where wages are higher and working conditions are better. And in the Polish company and factories, there has been a shortage of labor. That is why it is not difficult for foreigners to find a job in any field of employment, with any experience!

Advantages of working in Poland for women

  • Even settling in the most ordinary positions, without experience you can earn 800-1.600 dollars a month
  • Many employers provide free housing as a bonus
  • In some cases, workers are also provided with food

Basic requirements for foreign workers wishing to work in Poland

  1. No bad habits
  2. Learning, desire to work
  3. Compliance with safety at the facility
  4. Age up to 40-45 years

Sometimes you need to have experience in a particular field!
As for the main directions in the implementation of labor activity, it is the sphere of production, service, agriculture, and other industries!

Positions and base salary rates

Analyzing the labor market in Poland, as well as a list of current vacancies presented by various resources for employment, you can imagine the following level of wages:

  • Pickers of vegetables in greenhouses; salary from 5 dollars per hour
  • Window cleaner; salary 800-1.500 dollars per month
  • Manager at the dairy; salary of 1.250 euros per month
  • Packers to the warehouse; 5 dollars per hour
  • Seamstress salary around 1.000 dollars per month

However, the presented numbers are, in fact, the start! The more experience you will have, and the more interesting will be your specialty, respectively, the higher will be the salary!

Thus, we hope that we were able to show you that finding a job in Poland for women is not a difficult procedure!

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