Work in Spain without knowledge of the language


Do you think it is possible to come to Spain, and without the knowledge of Spanish to get a job in this country? Difficult to answer? Then, let’s understand together all the nuances of this issue, in the framework of the presented publication!

Immediately note that theoretically find a job in Spain without knowledge of the language is real. But, in fact, it will not be easy to do! The fact is that in recent years the country has been mired in a fairly powerful labor crisis. Good, well-paid work is not enough or that for foreigners, for local it is a difficult question! Therefore, if you plan to get an official, a good job, you will have a good interest in potential employers with their skills, experience and other qualities.

And if there are none, most likely, you will have to choose between vacancies for the most simple positions, where no special skills are required, and wages will be relatively low. But keep in mind that the official registration, most likely, will not be, and it already has its own risks!

How to find a job in Spain without knowing the language?

Foreigners who do not know Spanish or English are we recommend looking for work in such cities:

  • Alicante
  • Torrevieja
  • Barcelona
  • In other major cities

For obvious reasons, it will be much easier to get a job there! But as for the methods of job search, we recommend you to learn more about them. Despite the fact that Spain and Poland have huge differences between them, the algorithm for finding a place of work for them is the same!

In addition, we note that for those people who do not even possess basic knowledge of the Spanish language, the list of possible vacancies that can be considered and apply for their occupation is limited.

In the main, the choice for such citizens is represented by the following professions:

  1. Construction
  2. Tourism
  3. Service sector
  4. Transportation, logistics

The average salary for these professions varies between 750-1000 euros, which is certainly less than in other European countries. But, still, even this figure is much higher than the average salary in the CIS countries!

Answering the question posed at the very beginning of our publication, once again we note that to find a job in Spain without knowledge of the language is quite real! Another question is whether the conditions of this work will meet your expectations.

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