Work in the Czech Republic for students


Students belong to the social category, which is always not enough money. And when it comes to studying abroad, where the cost of everything is much higher than in their own countries, the search for part-time work in their free time becomes almost the only solution to the financial problem. In this article, we will talk about working in the Czech Republic for students. How to look for, and in General, how to act in this case.

Better time to look for a job in the Czech Republic for a student?

The best time to find a job in the Czech Republic student is the end of summer, early autumn or early spring. During this period, not so many migrant workers (seasonal), so the chances of finding a part-time job is much higher. In the summer, we would recommend that you do resume writing and just send it to companies to understand what needs to be corrected, why the employer may not be interested. All these are the search experience and it is also needed.

It is better to look for a job in the Czech Republic for a student after the 1st semester when you get used to a new place, study, understand how much free time you really have, how many hours you can work, without harming your studies.

If you learn hard, we recommend you venture from part-time to procrastinate! Do not rush to earn money, because after receiving a diploma, your education is sure to pay off in the future!

There is information on the Internet that students are limited in the number of working hours per week. In fact, all this is nonsense! You can work as much as you see fit, the main thing is to monitor your residence permit so that you are not expelled from the University.

Where can a student find a job in the Czech Republic?

For a student to look for a job in the Czech Republic is better to start with those ads that are offered by the University on the faculty website or other sources. As option part-time job this will be best! Yes, you will not earn a fortune, but you will get experience and not at the expense of studying.

We recommend you to research sites like, you have options vacancies for part-time work.

Facebook is very popular in the Czech Republic. In social networks, there are whole groups with vacancies for students, where you may find an interesting option for work. Do not discard this source.

Speaking of earnings, the income level of students in the Czech Republic for low-paid work is 60-90 CZK per hour. For work of a technical nature, which requires more in-depth knowledge and skills, you can get 130 crowns. But, all these figures are very conditional and depend on many factors.

In General, there are no special problems with employment in the Czech Republic. You just need to be consistent in your actions.

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