Working and job search in London for immigrants


In London, there live more than 500,000 thousand foreigners who live and work permanently in the city. The largest city in western Europe attracts people from all over the world and will so also do in the future. This is city life, but, above all, jobs and opportunities for those who are willing to have a go at. London offers one of the largest labor markets in the world. Here there is something for everyone whether it is a matter of simpler jobs or more qualified services.

About work in London

For years, foreign young people have come here and worked in shops and cafés and pubs. Many recent graduates often find their first job in just London where there are opportunities to work in everything from advertising, IT, sales and within London’s large financial sector. Immigrant groups have easy to get into the culture and language and are considered to have a good working capacity and skills. Abroad jobs have over one hundred thousand job vacancies daily that you can apply for in just London. Type keywords such as” shop”,” Pub”,” Finance ”or” Advertising ”in the search bar” Search Jobs like ”in combination with the location” London ” and you will be guaranteed to receive lots of interesting and relevant service calls.

Find a job in London

There are a variety of online pages that advertise vacancies in London. In addition to foreign jobs, there are a number of other sites such as or

Many people looking for a job in London in pubs or shops, for example, often also visit the employer personally and leave a resume or present themselves. The labor market is quite flexible and it is easier to hire.

Things to consider when looking for a job in London

Some things to consider before you start looking for work in London it’s an expensive city to live in and you should have a travel agent that can cover up accommodation and food while you are looking for a job. Furthermore, you must also open a UK bank account as required by law in case you are going to work in England. Accommodation and bank account should thus be fixed first before you embark on job hunting.

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